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This is where we meet, discuss and figure out what we’re gonna do. Overview and targeting are next where we check our notes and begin the scripting process.


We will next begin to plan the production based on a script. Then, some storyboarding can be performed to nail down our production days and budgets.


Time to implement our ideas into the presentation format. Production days are put forth and we now have captured the images we’ll need to complete the process.


The images, art, voice, sound animation, graphics and anything else we need are all put together and made perfect.


Be it live, or delivered to many different devices. This is where we connect to our viewers.

Stuff We Do

Expect the Unexpected.
With a passion for connecting with your target audience in unexpected ways, we take pride in coming up with ideas that get talked about long after the first impression.
We wouldn’t want to say we put words in your mouth but…well, we can sure help.
Sometimes all it takes is a little time with a group that has experience in translating the vision from those that think it and present it…to those that will adopt and execute those passions on the front lines.
From “info-graphic” to “stop-motion”, to “3D,” we produce animation at it’s best. We’ll give your message a surprisingly contemporary twist guaranteed to create infectious enthusiasm. Animation is our passion. It combines three or our favorite things: Creative writing, sound design, and art.
We fix talking heads.
From speech writing, speaker coaching, and multiple layers of speaker support, we specialize in turning corporate speakers into memorable keynotes…and we’re not afraid to use the unexpected to make a solid point and a lasting impression.
It’s what we’ve done for years now; use the very latest technology and equipment to capture the personalities and passions of people…beautifully
There’s an art to writing for the ears rather than just the printed word targeted at the eyes. With thousands and thousands of radio, television, and live events to our credit…we’re good at making you sound good.

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Some Words From Our Clients

“Without Piranha’s work, we’d look just like our competitors.”
Kim Plowman, Premiere Market Communications
“When I need creative ideas, my first stop is always Piranha.”
Crystal Thune, Microsoft
“Unanimous ‘Best Ever’ comments from the staff, board, and guests. You guys never fail to make me look really, really good. Couldn’t do it without you.”
Doug Allman, Nasa Federal Credit Union

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